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A great classification round for Lynmark Farms!

Congratulations to Lynmark Farms on a fantastic classification round in all breeds – Milking Shorthorns, Holsteins and Jerseys!

Milking Shorthorns

Maple Inn Rosemary 59T   EX-4E

Lynmark Crab Cakes   EX-3E

Lynmark KRR Roxanne   EX-2E

Lynmark GSR Purdy   EX90

Lynmark GSR Royanna   VG88

Lynmark AP Scarlett-P   VG87

Grove Mocha Alice 12   VG87

Lynmark Nysee Nikki   GP84 (first lactation)



Lynmark Outside Ruthie   EX90

Lynmark Howie Frankie   VG87

Lynmark Larson Koral   VG85-2YR

Lynmark Fever Lillith   GP81



Lynmark Senior Ava   EX92-3E

Live Animals and Embryos always available!

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