Benrise Farms

Herd Stats

Breed & Herd Size: 260 Holsteins
Number Milked: 100
Housing Style: freestall
Herd Classification Score: 12 Ex, 73 VG, 32 GP
Rolling Herd Production Average in 305 days: 8538 kg milk, 4.04%F, 3.6%P on 102 records
Herd Health Status: Johne’s free
Acres farmed: 450
Current Service Sires: Fever, Lauthority, Windbrook, Dempsey, Goldwyn, some genomic young sires

Meeting The Challenges

The Benschop family of Benrise Farms: from left, Justyn, Tracy, Tom & Brooke Benschop.
Tom Benschop has coped with more than his share of tragic losses – untimely deaths in the family and a barn fire, but an adversity such as the latter caused his family to rebuild the barn and concentrate on breeding better quality Holsteins. Today the results of the Benschop family’s hard work and dedication is paying off with a herd of Holsteins accomplishing much to make them proud.

The Benrise breeding philosophy centres upon following a balanced approach, although Tom favours high type animals that will gain results in the show ring. His interest in that area has already paid off – Benrise Spirte Dana (VG-87-2y) was the first All-Canadian nominee they bred - as a junior yearling in 2009, while Dana’s full sister Benrise Spirte Diamond was nominated All-Canadian and All-Ontario junior heifer calf in 2011. The pair trace to JJB Tweedle Dum (VG-87-4*), a herd foundation cow.

Also interested in high genomic cattle with A.I. interest, Benschop is a partner in the ownership of cattle such as Marbri Baxter Breeze (VG) with Marbri Farms Inc. and Dr. John McOuat. Breeze is a ninth generation Very Good or Excellent from the Quietcove Valiant Fawn (Ex-95-2E-USA-GMD-DOM-108). This young cow and her sisters and dam each have sons in A.I. with more being contracted.

Quoted in a recent issue of The Link magazine, Tom says, “Do what you enjoy doing. Use the bulls that will make the kind of cows that YOU want.” By keeping in tune with breeding trends in Canada and beyond, Tom Benschop is sure to have the kind of cattle and embryos that export BUYERs want, too.