Cedarvilla Holsteins and Jerseys

Herd Stats

Breed & Herd Size: 120 head – 75% Holstein; 25% Jersey
Number Milked: 50
Housing Style: tie-stall
Herd Classification Score: 5 multiple Ex, 2 Ex, 27 VG, 19 GP
Rolling Herd Production Average in 305 days: 9292 kg milk, 4.1%F, 3.3%P
Acres farmed: 500
Current Service Sires: Alexander, Dempsey, Sanchez, Fever, Seaver

Awards Earned in Both Breeds

Cedarvilla Holsteins and Jerseys have already received a variety of award recognition which signifies the strength of this herd. Their Jerseys have earned Gold and Silver Production Awards from Jersey Canada, while their Holsteins have received Star Brood Cow, Superior Production and Lifetime Production certificates recognizing up to 100,000 kg milk from Holstein Canada. Trips to the show ring have yielded two All-Ontario nominations to date.

These breeders are following their goal to develop functional cows that exhibit great mobility, an excellent mammary system, and are long lasting. For the Bullocks, the ideal cow is a quiet functional one that has few health issues, possesses style, yet is hardworking and pays her way.

The Bullocks admire the size, strength, amazing mammary system and quiet temperament of Maradun Terra Arosa (Ex-93-2E), a Holstein cow they purchased three years ago. She has had several offspring including four bulls that have been sold for breeding purposes and three heifers in the herd at present. The Bullocks note that her last calving resulted in Alexander twin heifers that are showing great promise. Arosa, an All-Ontario nominee, has earned reserve and honourable mention grand champion honours at their county show. A third generation Cedarvilla-bred Jersey they are working with is Cedarvilla Maestro Ladybug (Ex). This exceptional producer has won Silver and Gold Production Awards from Jersey Canada. This is a family known for their ability to transmit high production. The heifers in this family often classify Very Good as 2-year-olds. Ladybug finished her last lactation with 11,484 kg of milk.

The Bullocks welcome visitors to their farm and have previously exported cattle to Russia and Mexico. A heifer exported to the United States in recent years placed in the top 10 of her class at World Dairy Expo.

The Bullocks have clear exporting goals - “To create future partnerships which will be both beneficial to us and the buyer. Our long-term goals would be to continue to support this market.”

“The East-Central area has been known for its depth of pedigree, beautiful show cows, honest hard working high production cows, and knowledgeable men who worked to develop these animals,” say the Bullocks. “Breeders such as Peter Heffering, Bob Flett, Roy Ormiston, and many more were responsible for some of the most influential cows and bulls in Holstein history. The history of these great cows carries on with the breeders of today that are always trying to rise to the same level of excellence.”