Who We Are

Leading Livestock Genetics (LLG), an alliance of dairy cow and dairy goat breeders are located in the East-Central region of Ontario, Canada.  Members of our organization are leading the way in providing quality livestock genetics for the future. We presently offer live animals and embryos featuring Saanen goats and Holstein, Jersey and Milking Shorthorn cattle.

East-Central Ontario has an established transportation infrastructure of roads, rail and ports, and is conveniently located in proximity to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. The region’s natural attributes and infrastructure lend themselves to a very productive agriculture industry. This prime agricultural soil is cultivated by many multi-generational families who take pride in ownership and have embraced technology and innovation to become some of the most progressive and skilled managers in the industry. Our local livestock breeders are world renowned for producing quality genetics already found in many countries around the globe.

LLG members live and work in an area known for its beautiful, hard-working, healthy, deep pedigreed animals backed by the proof of official testing and evaluation programs. We are focused on breeding for high production, conformation and health traits to produce profitable animals for our dairy operations. Our members include those who have earned Master Breeder awards from Holstein Canada and a number of herds certified under the Canada Health Accredited Herd (CHAH) program.

Leading Livestock Genetics is an excellent source to provide the solutions for countries seeking to improve their national dairy herds.  Contact us today to for a complete list of cattle and embryos available for export.