High Point Farms

 Contact Information:

Lt to rt: Ross Evans, Robert, Julie Anderson, Kaye, Sarah
Mike, Gerald Coughlin (Judge)

Robert Smith/Mike Smith
870 High Point Rd., Port Perry, ON L9L 1B3
Phone: Robert 905-985-3551/Mike 905-435-2583
Email: info@highpointholsteins.com
Website: www.highpointholsteins.com

Herd Statistics:

Cattle Exported to Five Continents

A three-time Master Breeder herd with a rich history in Holstein breeding circles, High Point cattle have been exported to no less than five continents over the years, and recently to the United Kingdom and Spain. When asked to comment on their future exporting goals, Robert and Mike Smith have a clear mission – “To renew acquaintances and export cattle all over the world again.”

A great ambassador for this breeding program has been High Point Chief Mary (Ex-96-6E) – a class winner at the U.K. Royal Show eight times, a group first prize winner at the same show five times, and an All-Britain mature cow title holder. Meanwhile, back at home, the accolades earned by this herd are Premier Breeder and Exhibitor awards at the Ontario County Show in 2012 and a total of eight All-Canadian nominations. High Point-bred bulls have also entered A.I. proving programs.

Robert & Mike Smith have a clear view of their ideal cow. “She should have a balance of strength and dairyness, with a tremendous udder, while standing on great feet and legs. She also needs longevity, a will to milk and most importantly the ability to breed top quality cattle.” With this ideal vision in mind, their breeding goals are to win a fourth Master Breeder shield and breed a Royal Winter Fair grand champion.

The families of Glenridge Citation Roxy (Ex-97-4E-USA-GMD-6*), Penlow Georgette Outside (Ex-96-2E-3*), High Point Chief Mary (Ex-96-6E-UK), Valleyville Lheros Jenn (Ex-94-6*), and Blondin Redman Seisme (Ex-96-2E-USA) are all represented in this herd today. The Smiths continue to welcome visitors from all over the world and have embryos available for export on a regular basis.

Buyers seeking long lasting cows out of deep pedigreed families with show appeal will certainly find that exact kind at High Point.

High Point Roxie Flash (Ex-93-3E)

Roxie Flash is a sixth generation Excellent member of the Glenridge Citation Roxy (Ex-97-4E-USA-GMD-6*) family – a family that is well represented in the High Point herd.